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Agroforestry - Let's Restore Together

Dans le champ & French Agroforestry Association - March 2015
With Olivier de Schutter, Konrad Schreiber, Alain Canet, Christian Dupraz... searchers, and many farmers...

AGROFORESTRY : rural trees…and vegetative cover for bees
French Agroforestry Association - January 2014
The collapse of bee population concernes
Bees have an important role in the maintain of biodiversity. Like other insects, they enable sexual reproduction to many flowering by their pollinating action. In Europe, we estimated that bees pollinate more than 80% of flowering plants species (wild and cultivated). In France, more than 1,000 species of pollinating bees exist. Among them, the honey bee Apis mellifera is of great importance because it pollinates many plants...
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AGROFORESTRY: Trees for a Sustainable European Agriculture

Wednesday 10 October 2012
European Parliament, Brussels - parliament conference

AGROFORESTRY FEATURES: trees at hedges providing services for agriculture
French Agroforestry Association - Oct. 2012
From research to the field developing a third generation agroforestry
"third generation" refers to the integration of new variables into the agroforestry concept.
- These are no longer single-purpose plantations, but mixed agricultural and forestry varieties of local origin, specifically chosen for each site
- Nearby vegetative structures are integrated in order to create a matrix of green spaces, e.g. natural regeneration of field margins, hedge and riparian vegetation management, hedge planting, and restoration of pollarded trees...
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Agroforestry and CAP "Stakes, objectives and proposals"
Thanks to the services they provide, trees are no longer a constraint but a real opportunity for the agriculture of future. The "greening" of the CAP can become an economical asset for farming. Inexpensive and diversified, agroforestry can be applied to all scales, for the benefit of all.
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Agroforestry in the RIO+20 conference
Developed in many zones all around the globe, Agroforestry is often presented as a model for countries in the Southern countries, but it also has an important place in the rest of the world. In a competitive context of land utilisation and rarefaction of resources, the future of trees lies outside the forest as well, at the heart of farmlands. What could be better than having trees equally distributed over the territories in order to dampen climactic shocks, improve water resources, favour biodiversity, sustainably fill the soil with life and carbon while maintaining optimal agricultural productivity and reducing input location.
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Agroforestry and CAP: Parliamentary conference - Brussels - October 10th, 2012
In the continuity of the first European meeting, a parliamentary conference co-organized by the AFAF and the EURAF and chaired by Gaston Franco is kept to the European parliament on October 10th, 2012 in Brussels: this conference allowed to advance the contributions of the agroforestry in the European scale(ladder) and to mark the commitment of the political actors in favour of these practices in the next programming CAP (COMMON AGRICULTURAL POLICY) 2014-2020...
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