The French Agroforestry Association

Who we are

Paysage agroforestier dans le Gers
Vue aérienne de champs agroforestiers



Since 2007, the French Agroforestry Association operates to accelerate the agroecological transition across the country. To reach our goals, we cover a wide range of actions :

  • Research and development
  • Training and education
  • Network facilitation
  • Development of sustainable market channels
  • Representation in the public debate.

Working with more than 130 French and Europeans partners, the French Agroforestry Association pursues an integrated and collective approach to meet the current agriculture challenges.

International projects

Our Association runs many projects in collaboration with international partners. These projects contribute to advance scientific knowledge, to create a shared vision for long-term cooperative action and to accelerate knowledge transfer throughout Europe. Find below more information about two of these projects :


The objective of the LIFE VAIA project is to restore forest areas and enhance their ecosystems by developing sustainable products and services. Through the application of innovative agroforestry techniques, LIFE VAIA intends to create opportunities for land recovery and increase the ecological, economic and social resilience of damaged forest ecosystems. The project is part of the EU’s broader environmental strategy aimed at protecting forests from damage caused by climate change, strengthening local ecosystems and protecting biodiversity.


The goal of TRANSITION is to pave the way for a transition towards resilient agriculture in the Mediterranean, maximizing the net positive impact on the environment, while increasing resilience of agroecosystems, rural societies and return on assets to farmers. This is done by analysing the most relevant innovative solutions in resilient agroforestry and mixed farming systems using a participatory approach.


The French Agroforestry Association is a member of the European Agroforestry Federation, who works to promote agroforestry and support the adoption of regulations at European level.